The City of Blades

Bahamut 18th, EYL 1765
In the Times of Our Prophet, the Season of Renewal

Let the scribes note:

On the morning of the 18th of Bahamut, the Adventurers of Two Arms woke up within the Sunnyhaven Home for the Metamagically Deranged. Amadeus Krauss, the proprietor, had recently purchased their freedom from the Imperial courts of Stoneport. For the fee of 300 a head their services were given unto him, and in turn the Mages’ Guild.

In an attempt to discredit the Imperial forces of the Chantry the Circle of Mages hired the adventurers to search a recently discovered archaeological site and recover a manuscript once belonging to St. Ajeris.

Upon arrival in the mining outpost of Ulstershire the Adventurers began meeting with the local miners at a Dwarven tavern known as the Bearded Mistress. There, a meeting commenced with the senior miner, one Bronzebeard Irontooth. After a rather… lively session of drinks and revelry the Adventurers were able to gain access to the mines by instigating a minor miner riot.

Upon entry into the mines, and after a few rather ill-gotten acquisitions, the party encountered the first of numerous elrich inhabitants recently discovered within the mines. After narrowly defeating the animated debris the travelers set out for deeper earth and secrets.


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